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Animal Kingdom Personality Cards

Financed by a Successful Kickstarter Campaign!

Animal Kingdom Personality cards were created to help start conversations with young adults on the verge of making major life decisions, such as where to go to college or what career path to pursue.

By reacting to a series of simple statements on the cards, the teens learn about their innate personality and lifestyle preferences and priorities. And they gain insights into their behavior style in groups.

The cards are an excellent tool for promoting self-knowledge and encouraging growth. They’re easy to use and are valuable for children as young as 8. In addition to parents and educators, they can be useful to therapists, educational consultants and human resource professionals.

Click here to order online, you can order 5 packs at a discount. To download descriptions of each of the Animal personalities, click here

Don’t forget to order bookmarks to handout to clients and friends who use the cards!