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Tests and the Rest: College Admissions Industry Podcast 428. IEC PROFILE: Wendie Lubic

Mike Bergin, founder of TestBright and Amy Seeley of Seeley Test Pros interviewed College Lady Wendie Lubic on their podcast “Tests and the Rest”.

In college admissions, ‘test-optional’ is the new normal

Applicants now face more decisions on the pros and cons of submitting scores to individual colleges. The choice can trigger a deep dive into a school’s test-score profile, admission statistics and philosophies on testing. 

“It’s a combination of multivariable calculus and reading tea leaves,” said Wendie Lubic, a partner in The College Lady, a Washington, D.C., consultancy.  

US colleges get new challenge on tuition fee discounts

Times Higher Education — November 2021

One fairly reliable existing approach for students, said Wendie Lubic, a college admissions adviser to high school students around Washington DC, was to simply ask institutions for a better deal. “Colleges are usually willing to give you $5,000 to $10,000 just for asking – and a little perseverance,” Ms Lubic said.

Bridging the Gap: How a Year “Off” Can Be a Year “On”

Even before COVID-19 forced the likelihood of online college this fall, many American high school students were considering a pause between walking the stage at graduation and decorating their college dorm rooms. — By Robbye Fox

How to teach a child to reset after a bad day (without fixing their problems for them)

Sometimes, says Robbye Fox, an independent education consultant and certified parent educator with the Parent Encouragement Program (PEP), “the child may just want to vent.

The college-admissions scandal rattled rich parents. But will it change …

At a gathering of college consultants, Wendie Lubic, a consultant based in the Washington area, heard a colleague tell about advising a family …

Social Connection – Is There Really an App for That?

Social connection – the sense of being understood and genuinely belonging within a group – has been identified as a major contributor to a healthy, fulfilling life. It’s a “chicken soup” for our physical and psychological well-being, — By Robbye Fox

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Recording from Next Up! Financial Aid, FAFSA and CSS Roundup 9/27/23

Jeff Levy of Big J Consulting joined The College Lady on Septmber 27, 2023 to discuss changes and updates for the 2023 FAFSA and CSS Profile.

Application Completion Sessions

Summer before senior year is a great time to get started on the Common Application and Coalition Applications, which combined are accepted by nearly 1,000 colleges nationwide.  Small group application completion sessions can make the process a lot more efficient, fun and motivating for rising seniors.

Please contact us about sessions that may be open for registration. Sessions are now being conducting in small groups online.