The College Lady in the News

The Slow, Steady Erosion of SAT Subject Tests

Inside Higher Ed — October 23, 2017

Wendie Lubic, a private college counselor in Washington, works with many students who are applying to top colleges — the group of institutions that either require, recommend or accept the tests.

How to Talk to Your Teen After Watching “13 Reasons Why”

Washington Parent — August 2017

As tough as it was for Robbye Fox to finish all 13 episodes of the controversial Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” released last spring, my 20- and 23-year-old daughters…

College Essay Have You Nervous? The College Lady Shares How DC Students Can Shine

Tungsten Prep — August 20, 2017

Diana Blitz has been helping students write great college essays for more than two decades—most recently as a school counselor …

Should You Tell Your Teen You Tried Alcohol or Drugs?

Wall Street Journal (subscription) – Apr 25, 2017

Parents should avoid either glorifying past adventures or overemphasizing the risks,  says Wendie Lubic, an instructor for the Parent …

Tired of people asking where you’re going to college? Here’s what to say

Washington Post – Feb 23, 2017

Robbye Fox, a counselor with the College Lady, a Washington-area independent college counseling group, encourages students to embrace …

How Texting Can Help Families Talk Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal – Sep 8, 2015

The playful nature of texting makes it a good channel for parental warmth and encouragement, says Robbye Fox, a parent educator with Parent …

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If you are willing to invite 5-10 families to your home, we are happy to come and present information and answer questions about applying to college at no charge to you or your guests. No hard sell, just solid information that you can use! (Hosts receive a discount on our services).

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Thriving with Teens

September 29 – December 8, 9:30-11:30am


Robbye and Wendie will be teaching Thriving with Teens, a 10-week class starting in September, which teaches all the essential concepts and skills of positive parenting, adapting them to the needs and concerns of parents of teens.

Ask the Experts: How do I find (and fund!) the right college?

September 12, 4:00 pm Eastern


The college search can be overwhelming: applications, essays, testing, campus visits, and last but not least, how to pay for it. Financial advisor Melissa Sotudeh and educational consultant Wendie Lubic have personally been through this process with their own children, and their professional expertise has helped dozens of other families find schools where their children can thrive academically and financially.

In their FREE webinar,you will learn:

  • How to navigate the college search
  • Qualities to find the “right fit” college for your child
  •  How to find the true cost of college
  •  How the average student receives a discount of 49% off the stated price of college
  •  A strategy to pay for college while limiting student loan debt